SMO Course

If studying in a large size batch is not personal enough then a private SMO coaching could be the right choice for you. We can trained youaccording to your choice of location and timings.


SMO Training Program:



Social Media Principles
• Understanding the market today
• Reciprocity and sharing of information
• Conversations through social media – creating a dialogue
• Cultivating relationships through social media
• Importance of honesty and integrity
• Defining your social media marketing goals



Gathering content
• Templates for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
• Templates for Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest
• Organising your work
• Designing for your target audience
• Using clip art
• Other free and paid-for online resources


Social Media Marketing using Facebook
• Customising your Facebook Page to ensure that it is integrated into your overall marketing and sales plan
• Running promotions that comply with Facebook guidelines
• Promoting your events on Facebook
• Exploring new opportunities to promote your business through Facebook Places
• Exploring new opportunities to promote your business through the forthcoming Facebook Deals
• How to increase engagement, lead generation and sales through Facebook


Listening to what your Target Audience is Saying about You
• The importance of customer feedback
• How to monitor your feedback – good and bad

Audiences for Social Media
• Demographics and statistics for Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook
• Which platforms are the right ones for your message
• Building your brand across different social media


Social Media
• Which networks are you going to post to?
• The importance of brand consistency 
• Ensuring images are relevant and have impact



Social Media Marketing using Twitter
• Increasing awareness and visibility of your brand
• Building a strategic network of influencers
• Best practice for promoting your offers and increasing sales of your products and services



Social Media Marketing using LinkedIn
• How to create a professional profile
• How can companies uses LinkedIn to market themselves
• The etiquette of building your network online
• Using Groups to build your online visibility
• Developing your company profile on LinkedIn


Monitoring your Social Media Presence
• Basic analysis techniques and tools
• Interpreting the results
• Benchmarking practices