SEO Course


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SEO Training Course:


• What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
• How is your organisation doing?
• How pages are indexed
• How SEO has changed – Google Panda and Penguin



Defining a plan for your company or organisation
• Key SEO tools
• Setting SEO objectives
• Monitoring your web stats
• Maintaining your position
• Latest Google Webmaster Central developments


Content for SEO 
• Google Panda and Penguin
• Keyword identification and enriching
• Defining suitable content 
• Defining keyword competition 
• Defining Theme phrases 
• Improving page focus 
• Copywriting techniques for good SEO 
• Content schemas, microdata – 


Localisation SEO (optional course content) 
• How localisation works 
• Working with local directories 
• Google+ / GooglePlaces 
• Local referrals 
• Consistency of local information 

Organic search
• Keyword search and suggestion tools
• Why some keywords are better than others
• Analysing keyword density
• What is good keyword density?
• Quality keywords not quantity
• Keyword phrases and theme phrases
• Implimenting keywords into content


Analysing your exiting site 
• Using analytic tools 
• Using Webmaster tools 
• Analysing existing search results 
• Examining Google’s cache 
• Analysing competitors 
• Review of keyword research tools and techniques 


Site setup for SEO 
• Managing redirects 
• Duplicate content 
• Benefits and limitations of CMS Systems 
• Multiple domains, domain canonicalisation
• Robots.txt 
• Sitemap.xml 
• Image and Video sitemap files 


Driving traffic 
• Successful link building 
• Link approaches and anchor text
• Using social media
• Link management 
• Repairing problems with bad links
• Feeds and content sharing