PPC Course


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PPC Training Program:


• How Pay Per Click works
• The difference between natural SEO results and PPC results
• Understanding the jargon: CPC, CTR, Impressions etc


Quality scores
• What is a quality score?
• What factors dictate your quality score?
• How can you improve a quality score?


Targeting your campaign
• Who are your potential customers?
• How do they search?
• Who do you not want to attract?
• Targeting your ads geographically
• Language targeting
• What technology are your customers using?


Controlling your costs
• Defining your budget
• Automatic vs manual budgets


Analysing your results
• Improving your positioning
• Improving your quality score
• Managing your budget daily or weekly?
• Introduction to Google Analytics


Bidding and Keywords
• How AdWords bidding process works
• Choosing your keywords – which words will your customers use to search?
• Keyword mining using the keyword tool from Google
• Understanding keyword match types
• Using negative keywords


Pay Per Click basics
• Setting up a Pay Per Click account
• Choosing a product or service to advertise
• Setting goals for your AdWords
• Assessing the competition 


Ad creation
• Writing a successful ad
• What will make your ad clickable?
• Using dynamic keywords
• Writing product or service ads
• Writing a time specific ad
• Adding ad extensions


Landing pages
• The customer experience
• What do customers see when they arrive?


Improving your results
• Increasing traffic and conversions
• Improving your results with ad rotation
• Tracking conversions
• Measuring your return on investment